Delish Kebabs

The Best Brazilian Street Skewer Style
Food Truck and Caterer in the U.S.A. 

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Grilled Kebabs

New menu creations rooted in the Brazilian tradition that push forward the Brazilian churrasco (charcoal) experience....

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Veggie Kebabs

We serve up the finest Kekabs with authentic foods creating an exciting dishes and unique ambiance. Every dish is created using only the freshest, finest and delish ingredients...

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We prepare the Best Traditional Barbecue of Brazil. We carry more than 7 types of kebabs plus delish sides!

Delish Kebabs is a mobile Steakhouse "on the wheels".
 We strive to prepare the most authentic Brazilian-style street kebabs. Our goal is to serve you where ever you are!
 The meat we serve is fresh daily and is grilled over a firewood charcoal (open flame)!

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Jacksonville, Florida  &  Orlando, Florida



This authentic Brazilian food reminds me of good times being at a Brazilian BBQ in someone’s backyard. The owners are so friendly and I love their positive attitudes. Hands down one of my all time favorite food trucks yet.
Chauntel Caesar
Delish Kebabs is absolutely amazing! The food is delicious - by far, the best food truck in Jacksonville! Seasoned to perfection!! Amazing service too - wonderful people who always go above and beyond! We love the food!
Cindy Oliveira